This summer, celebrity parents are warning about less-talked-about risks of toddler drownings

After suffering tragedies, Bode Miller and others have a few things they want you to know

Photo by Jessica To’oto’o on Unsplash

Six doctors’ families were vacationing together in Alabama and realized one of their toddlers had run to the pool.

Sometimes, having too many people around a toddler can be as dangerous as having too few.

‘Quickly and quietly’

“Somewhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, Amber and I are inside our pool gate doing CPR on our son.” — Granger Smith

“I think a lot of parents feel like it’s not going to happen to them.” — Morgan Miller

“It is silent and it happens FAST.” — Misty Vento

“We believe we lost sight of him for 30 seconds, maybe 1 minute.”

‘The Complicated Truth…’

“Can we please start talking about it?” — Nicole Hughes

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