The Capital Gazette shooting, one year ago, reminded us of another threat to good journalism

Newspapers get sued even when they’re right

In-depth reporting has hidden costs.

Ramos had been angry at the newspaper staff for seven years.

Without the column, area residents (particularly women) wouldn’t have known the extent of the harassment.

Ramos tied the paper up in court from 2012 to 2015.

“He does not appear to have learned his lesson.” — Judge Charles Moylan

Even a deep dive into a police matter has hidden risks and costs.

Yes, there is investigative reporting

An investigative reporter in New Jersey was accused of burglarizing the mayor’s office in December. It turned out that a maintenance man had knocked over papers on the mayor’s desk.

The Society of Professional Journalists-NJ prepares to give an award to Isaac Avilucea on Saturday. Image by the author.

We hear complaints that journalists aren’t doing Watergate-level reporting, but the opposite is true — when they can afford it.

The decision to cancel a subscription should be weighed carefully.

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