I’ve thought about that more since getting the first comment. I think that’s true. Now that I’m in my forties, I’m in a few Facebook groups for women 40 and older, and one of the biggest complaints is not knowing how to make or keep friends at this age, particularly close friends. The women on the show were able to meet up for brunch and support each other no matter what, and there is something comforting and appealing about that…however, when the show ended, and in the movies, two of the women had one child and the others were child-free, and they all still lived within subway distance of each other, so they were able to get together. If one of them had moved to the suburbs or had a second kid, they may have been too busy to get together. I think people should work on their friendships as much as they can, not let them lapse when they get into a relationship — but time wise, the weekly brunches aren’t all that realistic. That said, I have longtime friends I never see but if they had a problem, I’d be there for them.

Journalist & author of nerdy novel CARRIE PILBY (film version‘s on Netflix). Finishing up offbeat memoir. Love dogs & puns. Read more: http://carenlissner.com.

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