Great piece and the last line is super important and something people don’t understand. People who go through life believing everything has a simple solution haven’t really lived or paid attention. “Able bodied” people on foodstamps who can’t get a job may live in an area with few jobs, or little transportation to get to a job (and cars aren’t cheap) or have some other issue. And they may be offered jobs that actually cost them money (like food delivery that relies on someone using their car and paying insurance). Just like any other application for something in the government, people are required to prove their need. There may be a few cheating, just like there are people breaking the law in many ways in this country, but funny how on social media people are aiming their resentment at the poorest of the poor while they pay for politicians’ health benefits.

Journalist & author of nerdy novel CARRIE PILBY (film version‘s on Netflix). Finishing up offbeat memoir. Love dogs & puns. Read more:

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