Can pumpkin drinks turn you into an addict?

What’s the line between ‘guilty pleasure’ and ‘unhealthy,’ anyway?

Image by the author.

How guilty should you feel about a guilty pleasure?

When I journeyed to the local coffee joint and tried that first “fall spice” latte with pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon, plus that frothy milk and sugar, I was flooded with inspiration. At my desk, tapping my way through an article, I enjoyed the sweetness, the warmth, the effects of the caffeine. I quickly careened into the coffee culture I’d condescendingly avoided: staking out the places that offered the less bitter brews, chatting with other customers in line about Haitian vs. Salvadoran. It’s definitely a tame vice considering the paths of many. Still, I asked myself questions.

Journalist & author of nerdy novel CARRIE PILBY (film version‘s on Netflix). Finishing up offbeat memoir. Love dogs & puns. Read more:

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